Getting familiar with the Tibetan language

Tibet — the rooftop of the world is a region full of  Tibetan culture. Its history can be traced back to 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. Influenced by neighboring countries, it has formed a long-standing civilization. The Tibetan language is derived from such a diverse culture. […]

Potala Palace is the landmark of Lhasa city.

How to Plan a Tibet Tour

Are you still confusing about how to plan a tour in Tibet? Do you still have no clue about how to prepare a Tibet travel? With more than ten years’ experience, Great Tibet Tour, a trustworthy local travel agency, can help you plan your dreamy […]

Potala Palace is the landmark of Lhasa city.

Shanghai Tibet Tour

Located in the east of China, Shanghai is a popular tourist destination which attracts thousands of international travelers. With thousands of years’ history, Shanghai is surrounded by numerous attractions such as the Bund, Yu Garden, the Jade Buddha Temple, the Shanghai Museum, Longhua Temple and […]

Tibetan prayer flags are one of the representatives of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Traveling to Tibet has become the ultimate dream for travelers in the world. Famous for its unique Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan religion culture has attracts thousands of tourists to explore. As one of the most mysterious representatives of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan prayer flags plays an important […]

Having a Tibet photography tour is a wonderful experience.

Tibet Photography Tour Tips

With various wild animals, changeable landscapes, mysterious Tibetan Buddhism, and unique traditional cultures, Tibet has attracted thousands of tourists from home and abroad every day. If you are interested in photographing, Tibet is the primary place for you. All the elements in Tibet can be […]

Tibet is an ideal place if you want to have a photography tour.

Tibet Photography Tour

Situating in the west of China, Tibet is a charming region with the unique natural scenery. With mysterious Tibetan Buddhism, splendid Tibetan-style monasteries, crystal-like lakes, and majestic snow-capped mountains, Tibet is an ideal place for photographers in the world. Here is a classical Tibet photography […]

Taking flights to Tibet is the fastest way. You can save a lot of time on the road to Lhasa.

Flights from Kunming to Tibet

Located in the southwest of China, Kunming – the capital city of Yunnan is famous for its pleasant natural scenery. It is crowned as the “City of Eternal Spring”, and become one of the most popular scenic spots. Every year, thousands of travelers from different […]

Mt Everest climbing is the ultimate dream for mountaineers who are fond of adventure.

Mt Everest

Have you ever try to climb the Mt Everest? Do you want to conquer it? Mt Everest climbing is the ultimate dream for mountaineers who are fond of adventure. But for ordinary travelers who travel to the holy land – Tibet, the best way to realize […]

Mt Everest has become the lifetime dream for mountaineers and climbers.

Mt Everest Guidebook

Crowned as the highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest Tour has become the lifetime dream for mountaineers and climbers. Because of the high altitude, extreme weather, snowstorm, and oxygen shortage, conquering Mt Everest is one of the most difficult activities in the world. This […]

everest expedition challenge

Everest Expedition

Climbing on the top of the highest mountain in the world – Mt Everest must be a lifetime dream for all the mountaineers. Standing on the top of the world, you will feel proud of yourself. Mt Everest is the landmark of the Tibetan Plateau, […]