How to Plan a Tibet Tour

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Top Scenic Spots in Tibet

With more than 1,228,000 square kilometers, Tibet is a hot tourist destination for travelers from home and abroad. Here, you not only explore the stunning natural views such as snow-capped mountains, tranquil lakes, and diverse plants and wild animals, but also you can know more about local Tibetan culture such as mysterious Tibetan Buddhism, local customs, language, food, temples, and monasteries, etc. With thousands of scenic spots on Tibetan plateau, there are several popular Tibetan attractions which are worthy of being recommended to you.

Potala Palace: As the landmark of Lhasa city, Potala Palace is the must-see place for travelers. Wandering in Potala Palace is the best way to get close to Tibetan history. You must be stunned by the majestic antiques and artworks collected in the palace.

Jokhang Temple: Regarded as the holiest temple in Tibet, Jokhang Temple is worshiped by thousands of pilgrims every day. Built in Tang Dynasty, Jokhang Temple mixed Nepal, Tibet and China construction styles. It was built for the statue of Sakyamuni at age of twelve.

Barkhor Street: If you want to buy some traditional Tibetan antiques and items, you can head to the local shopping center – Barkhor Street. This street crows with numerous sellers and buyers from Nepal, India, Tibet, etc. What’s more, enjoying a cup of sweet tea in a local tea house is also a good choice.

Besides those places, some attractions such as Namtso Lake, Everest Base Camp, Manasarovar Lake, Sera Monastery, etc are also worthy of being visited.

Best Tibet Tour Time

Unlike other places, the weather in Tibet is more changeable and unpredictable. Therefore, you must know something about Tibet weather in advance and choose the best Tibet tour time. Normally, the weather in spring and fall is warm and comfortable. The sky is clean with fewer clouds. The rainfall is less and the scenery is attractive. Summer is the rainy season in Tibet. While it always rains at night, so you have no need to worry about the rain too much in summer because you can see the bright sun on the next day morning. Winter is a little cold, the temperature in Lhasa is higher than other prefectures. You should avoid going to mountainous regions and remote Tibetan areas due to the heavy snows on the roads. Therefore, the best time for travelers to go to Tibet is from April to October. If you want to travel to Tibet in winter, Lhasa is the ideal place. In the slack winter season, you can save lots of money on a Tibet tour. No matter when you go, you should take the following items with you due to the high altitude and strong sun rays: first-aid medicine, sunhat, sunglasses, suncream, lipstick, etc.

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