Tibet Photography Tour Tips

With various wild animals, changeable landscapes, mysterious Tibetan Buddhism, and unique traditional cultures, Tibet has attracted thousands of tourists from home and abroad every day. If you are interested in photographing, Tibet is the primary place for you. All the elements in Tibet can be the best subjects for photographers. Either the boundless grassland, zigzag routes, running yaks, and murmuring rivers along the Qinghai Tibet Railway, or the pious pilgrims and monks in Lhasa city, grand snow-capped mountains, and crystal-like lakes are the special themes of Tibet photography tour.

Best Time to Planning a Tibet Photography Tour

Due to the high altitude in Tibet, the weather in winter is cold and chilly. It will snows heavily in some remote Tibetan areas. So your Tibet photography tour may be prevented by the heavy snows on the roads if you travel to Tibet from November to April of next year. Normally, the best time to visit Tibet is from May to October. The sky is blue with fewer clouds, the ices on the lakes have been melt, and everything comes to alive in Tibet during this period. If you want to take some pictures of high grand mountains, you should avoid the rainy months, July and August. There will be some white clouds floating in the blue sky, so it is hard to catch the majestic summit of the Tibetan mountains.

Highlights for Tibet Photography Tour

There are a great number of Tibetan attractions which are worthy of being recommended to photographers. Here, I’d like to introduce several highlights for Tibet photography tour.

Potala Palace

As the landmark of Lhasa city, the Potala Palace is the must-see place for travelers. With thousands of rooms, it has become the holiest place in Tibet. In the past, it was used as the winter palace for Dalai Lama in the past. But it has turned as the modern museum which collecting thousands of Tibetan antiques in. The height of this grand palace is about 117 meters, and the wall is painted with red and white colors. Standing on the highest roof of the palace, you can see the whole Lhasa city. Wandering in the Potala Palace, you will have a better understanding of Tibetan history and culture. You are not allowed to take photos in the palace, thus keep your camera well in your bags.

Namtso Lake

As one of the holiest lakes in Tibet, Namtso Lake is also the best place for photographers. With blue sky, white clouds, tranquil lakes, white snow-capped mountains, the best time to visit Namtso Lake is from May to October. The scenery is stunning and attractive, so you can take some photos as a memory.

Mt Everest

As the highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest is the ultimate dream for travelers. Although it is called the death zone, lots of mountaineers will head to Mt Everest every year. Without a good physical condition, you are not suggested to climb it. There is a safer place where you can witness the grand mountain in a close distance, that is Everest Base Camp. Tourists can take photos of the stunning sunrise of Mt Everest in the morning.

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