Everest Expedition

Climbing on the top of the highest mountain in the world – Mt Everest must be a lifetime dream for all the mountaineers. Standing on the top of the world, you will feel proud of yourself. Mt Everest is the landmark of the Tibetan Plateau, and it is the obligatory place of Nepal Tibet tours. Every year, a great number of travelers from different countries are attracted to this mountain for the purpose of conquering it. It is located between the border of Tibet and Nepal. Travelers can climb the Everest from Tibet and Nepal. Both of the south and north sides are available for travelers to climb. In the 1950s, China experienced a Cultural Revolution. During this time, the government closed the border of Tibet for some political reasons. Thus, international travelers were not allowed to climb the mountain from Tibet border. While they were free to climb the mountain from the south side because the Nepal border was open for travelers at that time. Among numerous climbers, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary were the first climbers who reached the peak of the mountain from the south side in 1953. Mt Everest expedition is a great challenge for most travelers owing to the high altitude, heavy snow, and extreme temperature. Thus, it’s very important for climbers to plan it well.

There are many high and famous mountains in the world, such as the Andes, the Alps, the Rockies, etc. Among these mountains, Mt. Everest is one of the youngest and highest mountains in the world. Until the 1920s, Tibet was reopened for international tourists. From that time, many mountaineers began to explore the mystery of the Everest Mountain. Climbing the Mt Everest is very dangerous for climbers. There are still many accidents in a year. For example, in 1924, the famous mountaineers George Mallory and Irvine gave his life to the mountain. So, you need book a professional tour agency in order to have a successful tour and realize your dream.

Rich Experience

Climbing the Mt. Everest is a tough task even for some climbers with many years experience. A small step and action may lead to the danger of the expedition, even your life. The higher you climb, the oxygen is thinner, and the weather is changeable. If you want to climb the Mt. Everest, you must be a rich experience climber, and be careful and well – equipped when you are exploring. Be calm down when you get in trouble. Cooperate well with your team members, or your whole team will be influenced by some wrong actions.

Choose the Right Time to Climb

Before traveling to the Mt. Everest, you must know about the probable climate in different seasons. The best time for the mountaineers to have the Mt Everest Expedition is from March to May. During this time, there are a lot of climbers gathering here to start their explorations. And this period is the peak season for Tibet tours. The weather is fine without too much rain and snow. Travelers can still arrive at the mountain form October and November. This period is the classic climbing period. Travelers shouldn’t start the expedition in summer because of the rain. What’s more, it snows heavily from December to February. You’d better avoid those two seasons.


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